Network for Public Education Defends Test Resistance for Equity

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Today, a dozen civil rights groups released a statement critical of those who oppose standardized testing. Their statement is titled: “We Oppose Anti-Testing Efforts.”

The Network for Public Education disagrees with this criticism and declares its support for those who refuse the tests. We believe that those who resist the overuse and misuse of standardized tests serve the cause of equity. The NPE statement was written by Seattle teacher Jesse Hagopian and the NPE board.

Please read both original statements. The NPE statement contains many links for documentation.

Resistance to High Stakes Tests Serves the Cause of Equity in Education

Authored by Jesse Hagopian and the NPE Board of Directors

Today several important civil rights organizations released a statement that is critical of the decision by many parents and students to opt out of high stakes standardized tests. Though we understand the concerns expressed in this statement, we believe…

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