If this is coming down the path, we better jump ship.


This new attempt to blame families for various maladies gets both more offensive and bizarre by the day.
Now some know-nothings are actually suggesting a loving family could be an unfair advantage, and perhaps we should stop reading to our children to be sure they don’t inaudvertently get a leg up.

This reads like the Onion but horrifyingly, is not.


These ‘theorists’ aren’t residing in America (thank our lucky stars,) but their inane opinions have chillingly gone viral here with concerned parents, especially those who are already fighting for family preservation and their children’s rights.

So, let’s get this straight as it pertains to us.
The federal government knows best how to educate all children from all walks of life and with the help of big business will swiftly take over our schools. But, do not stop there, now the suggestion has been made that parents all over must also stop reading to all of their children to keep all the children at the same lowest common denominator. Clearly the “white suburban moms” are way off base here in wanting to stop high stakes testing and attempting educational enrichment and healthy family time at home.

Why didn’t we think of that?


And it truly doesn’t get worse than this. Loving families of all diversities and make-ups are now on the hit list. Everyone should read this with an emesis basin handy.


There are no words that aren’t expletives to discuss this type of “thinking”, (to call it such is a stretch). Let us hope it is a very small percentage of people in a far, far off land who spew this venom, and that through Darwin’s natural selection they will wither quickly away. Let’s be thankful they don’t live here, but at the same time slightly terrified that their message arrived here nonetheless.