Tired of pro common core spoutings by authors on the payroll, part four.

follow the money

And another compilation of Gates funded “pro common core” lobbyists. Yes, lobbyists. Unlike us, as parents and teachers and concerned citizens. These are paid lobbyists but the sad part is that many Americans will never know that. They will think these folks are “for higher standards”. They use all the right buzz words and make lots of dirty money to push the common core federal and corporate take over agenda to destroy public schools.

These paid lobbyists take issue with a regular tax payer, and EDUCATOR/principal who denounces common core.

Read the rhetoric here:


And who sponsors this?

“He also attached a letter from Steve Sigmund, executive director of High Achievement New York, who takes issue with Burris. Sigmund, according to this City and State article, was appointed executive director earlier this year to “oversee communications, public policy and government outreach efforts for the organization which represents Association for a Better New York, Business Council of New York State, New York Urban League, Educators 4 Excellence, America Achieves and StudentsFirstNY.”

All of these agencies above are on The Payroll of the United States of Gate$.

Shame on them. AGAIN.

They use all the same lingo and catch phrases and all have identical lack of substance. These people are full of it.

GATES has bought education. Until the public awakens and says, hey, wait a darned minute here, money does not buy MY children nor my schools, we will stew in this muck.

Time to awaken the public. It is long overdue.