Bianca Tanis: Chancellor Tisch Must Step Down

We’ve been saying this for months. Glad to see the idea getting more attention.

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Bianca Tanis, teacher and parent in the public schools of Néw York, is an active member of NYSAPE, a large group of parents and educators.

In this post, she asks whether the Chancellor of New York’s Board of Regents, Merryl Tisch, violated the law by writing a letter to Governor Cuomo expressing her policy views without consulting other members of the Board.

If she did, Tanis argues, she should step down.

The letter in question was Chancellor Tisch’s response to Jim Malatras, Governor Cuomo’s director of state operations. It contained a series of recommendations that soon became the basis of the Governor’s “reform” plan.

Tanis writes:

“On December 31st, 2014, Chancellor Merryl Tisch responded to Jim Malatras and the Governor with a twenty-page letter co-signed by Elizabeth Berlin as “Acting Commissioner of Education” although her tenure in this position would not begin for several days. In her response, Chancellor…

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