On indoctrinating assignments via the common core agenda.



An angry New York City mom submitted these photos of her child’s recent ELA assignment. We are angry too. This is not only indoctrination into the repeatedly denied common core agenda, but the facts are just plain incorrect, and also based on PISA utter nonsense.

How is this allowed to continue? When do we stand up and say, “NO MORE!”?

The mom composed a rough draft of her reply to the school here, and was kind enough to share it with us.


The book this assignment is from appears to be: http://www.newmarklearning.com/common-core-comprehension-practice-grade-3.html.

And we also found it in a pdf file.


It is not teacher created. It is common core aligned.

We know DUNCAN wants schools open year round. That’s been proven.



Where is the opposing viewpoint? Where is the defense of the American family?

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Ugliness is all around and it’s got common core written all over it.