Testing and the Re-Segregation of Public Ed


Today, I was part of a full house at the New Jersey Senate Education Committee as it considered bills and a resolution relating to the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career) tests. Along with many other grassroots parent activists, I am frustrated by the Senate Committee Chair’s unwillingness to set down all of the much stronger PARCC bills passed by the New Jersey State Assembly for a vote in her committee. Rather, only one of the four bills, prohibiting PARCC-style testing for grades K-2, was set down for a vote by her Committee. Senator Ruiz also offered a substantially watered down replacement bill for the Assembly bill to notify parents of standardized testing. Senator Ruiz’s version of the bill, for example, fails to require that parents be notified of information as basic aswhat use local districts will make of standardized tests administered to their children

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