Joy and data. This is the face behind PEARSON’s attempt at global education take over.


This is who heads PEARSON. This guy.

“Sir Michael Barber is the Chief Education Advisor at Pearson PLC. He’s an outspoken Common Core and global common standards promoter whose book, Deliverology 101, is written “specifically for leaders of American Education reform.”

Barber showed a chart during his summit speech, displayed at 12:06 minutes, which he calls a goal of “whole system revolution,” pinpointed as the sum of the following addends: systemic innovation + sameness of standards + structure + human capital.
Sir Michael Barber said: “We want data about how people are doing. We want every child on the agenda.” He specifies that “every child” means every “global citizen.” .

In another clip, Barber praises Common Core (CC) at a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) interview.

In yet another interview –also with the CFR– Barber says, “Can I congratulate the CFR for getting into this issue? I think it’s great to see education as an issue of national security and foreign policy as well as economic and domestic policy.”

But as we all know, under the U.S. Constitution, education in the U.S. is supposed to be state-led, not a federal or internationally-determined, issue.

Then there’s the BBC interview.

In this clip, on the BBC show Hardtalk, Barber outlines the benefits of “private and public partnership.”

Pearson “invests,” says Barber, by purchasing cheap schools in developing countries in partnership with governments.

Pearson works hand in hand with both nongovernmental agencies (NGA and CCSSO) and with governmental agencies (U.S. Department of Education) to promote global education and Common Core. Because he sees global control of education and U.S. Common Core as one and the same.

…..Ethics, to Barber, have nothing to do with individual liberty, the Constitution, or the Golden Rule. It’s about the global collective.

……When the BBC interviewer accused Sir Barber of leading Pearson to take over nations’ sovereign educational systems, Barber said, as a defense, “I worked for government. I love government. I think government is a really important, a big part of the solution.

Advising governments from the U.S. to Pakistan on how to implement nationalized education is Barber/Pearson’s specialty.

……These combinations of NGOs, the Pearson company, and the Federal Government, appear to literally be taking over educational decision-making.

……Some on the Utah State School Board have said that “We can get out of Common Core anytime we like,” but Sir Michael Barber emphasizes the importance of what he’s dubbed “irreversible reform.”

“If you want irreversible reforms, work on the culture and the minds of teachers and parents,” Barber says.

For anyone who questioned the global citizen agenda, question no more. It’s here in writing, speech, and video.

We never heard his name before today. Guaranteed we won’t ever forget it again.


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Thanks to Truth in American Education for this information. This is real. This is something we can’t unsee.