New York’s new Deformer commisioner.


Commissioner Elia, ushered in, in the dead of night, is not supported by New York parents and teachers. She has quite the dark history in Florida where she was fired for persistently not communicating well.

Children died under her care. It doesn’t get worse than that.

Four children died under her rule. That’s inexcusable. How does one move on from that, to a promotion in charge of an entire major state? Thanks to the Regents under Tisch, is how.

Florida aside, if that’s possible, the new commish does not even have a doctorate degree. She is an avid Deformer. She’s pro common core. She’s taking Gate$ money to promote his agenda. She’s fighting for an inappropriate curriculum and unfair teacher evaluations. All of the Gate$ foundation pay offs have already come out in rampant support of her, despite national outcry. That says it all.

There are two sides to every story with her firing (and inability to get rehired for numerous positions) perhaps, but the rest of her history does not bode well at all. We were perhaps lucky to have King who was an ineffectual puppet. It was ominous when they ‘promoted him’, despite no confidence from parents. They wanted King out. We had to know they were bound to put in someone worse. There’s always a reason when they do something in secret the day after a holiday weekend. None of this is an accident.

This speaks volumes to the lack of democracy in Nys education. This was a regents decision that we as parents and educators have no say in. And that’s the real crime. Again.

Dr. John Metallo writes:

“The newly appointed New York State Commissioner of Education, Mary Ellen Elia, was terminated from her position as Superintendent of Schools in Hillsborough County Florida in January. The Board of Education in Hillsborough bought out more than 2.5 years of her contract and sent her packing with a severance package of more than $1,000,000.

Known for her bullying leadership style and over reliance on standardized testing as well as being a champion of Common Core, one must ask how she was selected by a Board of Regents that recently saw more than 200,000 students opt out of taking common core tests in English and Mathematics. It appears that the Board of Regents went out and hired the person who would least have a chance to right the sinking ship that is located on Washington Avenue right across the street from the Capitol.

To make the selection even more odious not a word was mentioned about the selection process until it was a done deal…so much for transparency in Albany.

It is impossible to believe that this was the best candidate to come forward in a nationwide search for the next leader of New York State’s public schools. I personally know of better candidates in New York State, let alone all 50.

We all know about learning from one’s mistakes or being doomed to make them again. I fear the Board of Regents is so out of touch with its consituents that they repeated the mistake they made when hiring John King to lead our public schools and will now be doomed to more turmoil and discontent under a leader who was sent packing by her last employer. One has to wonder how bad a job a person must do to get more than $1,000,000 as she is shown the door by her employer. I guess we are about to find out. Unfortunately, the education of millions of kids in New York State is hanging in the balance, and they have no say in the matter. Let the mistakes continue.”

Dr. John Metallo
Slingerlands, NY


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She speaks so highly of common core here, we know what we are up against.