DCGEducator: Doing The Right Thing

polyp_cartoon_Corporate_SchoolHow many of us get the big picture about what is happening to American Education?

How many of us have seen the grand scheme? Scholars have followed the attempts to privatize education, one of the biggest industries in America, for 100 years. John Bellamy Foster wrote a paper in Monthly Review (referenced below) about that. But up until now these attempts were not successful.

What is different now is that this movement has become successful and it will take everything we have to hold it off. We must fight with every ounce of strength and try to capitalize  on our numbers, not just in voicing our concerns on social media but also by financially supporting efforts to fight their media machine by supporting pro public education documentaries so they can be screened at well known film festivals.

I recommend these two as starters.

Jack Paar’s “Corporatized” (

Bill Baykan’s “The…

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