Pity for Tisch, really?



“I say this from the bottom of my heart: It would be very helpful of people would stop whacking at the State Education Department at every opportunity.” -Tisch

That’s some slant.

And what has the SED DONE that is helpful for children or teachers?

Has SED or the regents
-put our children’s best interest first?
-put our teachers first?
-spoken with parents with a true listening ear and respect?

Or have they
– trampled our children’s rights and made them political pawns, human capital, test subjects, numbers, data

– stolen the love of learning, and made school a very unhealthy, age inappropriate nightmare

– destroyed the creative abilities of our teachers and also made them pawns in the political agenda

– destroyed family time and brought tears to our kitchen tables and undue stress to our private time

– removed teacher and parental input at the district level

– attempted to increase the hours our children sit at desks to accommodate a broken curriculum

– stolen the ability for parents to help their own children, and simultaneously forced parents to watch their children suffer from obsessive, inept tests, poor grades, and subsequent out of pocket pay for tutors for age inappropriate content?

If you want to play the worlds smallest violin Ms. Tisch, we will not attend your pity party. Shape up or ship out. Your party is done.

Principal Tim Farley fires back
“If SED will stop using my children as political pawns, I will stop publicly highlighting their ineptitude.”

We agree.
And we ask Tisch,
“But how are the children?”

Maybe if there were less “listening tours” and more “competency” in this arena, she would feel less attacked. Maybe. What a disappointment this has been.