STOP promoting ESEA and read this!


Photo quote credit Deborah Duncan Owens.

Why are these pro public Ed “experts” promoting this bill when it’s still being amended, and given the circumstances?

The senate just approved millions of ESEA DOLLARS to go to financial consulting firms!
Have you seen this?? Must read.

Why the rush to put through this 800 page bill and its companion just because it’s “better than what we have now”?

Education activist Michelle M writes:
“The problem is that organizations, like unions and NPE, even after debating issues, end up giving endorsements for half-baked ideas and our nation’s children, parents, and teachers have to live with the ideas, policies, laws, and politicians organizations endorse. Why can’t organizations publish statements that say “If you want our endorsement, you will have to eliminate high stakes testing, put an end to student data mining, stop the expansion of the charter school movement, etc.” Make the policy makers come to the organizations with clean hands before rushing to give them a thumbs up.”

Have we learned nothing from these behemoth bills? New York will not pull out of common core. Testing is not curbed. What is the reasoning behind this support? What makes folks “qualified”, when they’re looking at the few good points and not what is absent or won’t work for our children? The powers that be are making all kinds of decisions for us as always. A little poison is still deadly. If the Feds/Secy of
dept of Ed still has to be consulted to approve any changes, it’s still fed led Ed. Period.

America wants Duncan OUT. COMPLETELY.