Salon Writer Jeff Bryant Gets Arne Duncan Exactly Right


Below is a excerpt from the most refreshingly comprehensive, accurate summation of US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan that I have ever read. Salon writer Jeff Bryant captures the absolute waste that Duncan was as secretary– and he chastises those removed from the reality of Duncan’s destructive policies for attempting to paint him a success.

Thank you, Jeff, from the multitudes Outside of the Beltway.

Washington Post writes the most embarrassing, awful profile of Arne Duncan ever, completely misses the point

Jeff Bryant 07-11-15

For some years now, the term “The Village” has circulated throughout the Internet blogosphere as a shorthand description of the insular life of the Washington, D.C., policy makers and media mavens. As Heather “Digby” Parton explained in 2009, the term is a metaphor for how Beltway folks in policy circles and the press speak with great assurance about what is understood by “average Americans” without ever…

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