Curiosity and Creativity… The Vigorous CC

IGNITE! ... Fire is Catching

The CC Switch-a-roo.

From the CC of Common Core to the CC of Curiosity and Creativity.

The Common Core Standards are just that… Common.  No child is common. The standards have streamlined learning with claims of “rigor“, when what our children need most are learning environments in which they can learn at their individual developmental pace.  Because children grasp skills and concepts in different ways,  honoring each child’s learning style creates an atmosphere of “vigor“,  the essential nutrient needed most in their earliest years of learning.

The concerns with the common core include:

  1. Standardized Learning.  An attempt is made to box children into learning the same things at the same time at the same pace.
  2. Only that which can be measured is aspired to and made most important through high stakes testing.

Very limiting.

The landscape of learning is a much wider path.  Children traverse it when they are allowed to explore.  They like…

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