Get your refusal letters in early, show the new dictator parents understand perfectly.


Elia wants to stamp on our right to refuse the tests. She was put here to kick parents into submission. Her hiring and stonefaced stance has made this battle even worse.

Retired teacher, New Yorker, education activist, Denis Ian shares:

“With the release of the state assessments, the coming cut scores, and the fall term just around the bend … it gets harder and harder not to feel the winds of war.

The momentum belongs to us. We own the power strategy … we have the energy of the opt-out movement. The Common Core corps have nothing of equal power. They have no antidote … no parry. But that doesn’t mean they’re not searching for a way to knee-cap the anti-Common Core legions.

“Some educators, however, fear the high number of refusals will carry repercussions since they put districts out of compliance with federal law that requires not only that states administer tests to students in third through eighth grades, but that 95 percent of students take them.”

That’s the aim, alright! To set as far away from compliance as possible … and to encourage more and more parents to join the opt-out movement.

Commissioner MaryEllen Elia told educators in Sweet Home last month. “The opt-out issue is very problematic.”

Damn straight.

It’s way more than problematic … it’s devastating. And with each school year and each round of testing the devastation grows. For Elia and the Albanyites, it’s a problem they can’t handle. They’ll try, but nothing will work. They’re already goading the federals to “do something” … so they don’t have to grow their already rancid reputation. It matters little. The opt-out movement is a train … and there are no brakes.

They’ll trek to the courts. That’s good. They’ll run to the media. That’s even better. Where ever they turn two things happen:

1. Common Core gets exposed

2. They inch closer to the most dangerous moment of all

That moment? The day they perp walk some mom or dad for refusing to allow THEIR OWN CHILD TO BE ABUSED BY THIS TESTING SCHEME. It’ll become the defining moment of complete opposition to Common Core. It’s a moment they want to avoid, but they don’t know how.

That’s the moment when it all begins to end. That’s the moment when explanations become empty. It’s the moment the state violates the family. And that is the moment of explosion.

It’ll electrify the internet and fly around the nation at light-speed. It’ll trump every other story of the day. And that image … the image of some parent being hauled off for … for protecting their child … will become the turning point of this insane and abusive power grab by governmentalists … who will have finally gone too, too far.

From that moment on, we just listen for the death throes.”

This is a MUST READ. When New York lost King, there was a reason. Cuomo et al want to halt parental rights and end opt outs. Elia is just the woman for the job. She does not care if she is liked, so long as you tow her line. She is here to reframe common core and put an end to refusals. She is here to stamp on parental rights and “edumacate” us on the power of intrusive data collection used to abuse students and fire teachers. Will New York put up with her? She is not here to “listen”, she’s here to speak. Education is now ruled with an iron fist. Parents do not know what’s best and she will school us. Guaranteed she will make soft footed John King look good.

Please also note the comments. Parents have said “no more”.

Sunday, August 9, 2015
NYSED Commissioner Elia Threatens “Ramifications” For Opt Outs
The Buffalo News reports the state will report the 2014-2015 test score data, including the number of opt outs around the state, next week, and explores how new NYSED Commissioner Elia will respond to the Opt Out Movement:

“Opt-out is potentially a political movement that needs to be reckoned with,” said Donald A. Ogilvie, a former superintendent in Buffalo and Erie 1 BOCES. “As the numbers grow, it adds to the movement.”

Added to the mix is a new state education commissioner, who already has made it clear she sees the opt-out movement as a problem and intends to work with districts to put an end to it.

Whether that will come with mere persuasion, or a hammer, is yet to be seen.

“We have an issue we have to address,” Commissioner MaryEllen Elia told educators in Sweet Home last month. “The opt-out issue is very problematic.”

In meetings with parents and educators in Sweet Home, she suggested that she will first take a more persuasive approach, communicating the purpose and value of the tests to teachers, and recruiting them to get the message out to parents.

She took a similar approach when she was superintendent of the Hillsborough County schools in Florida, hosting a series of community forums prior to the implementation of the Common Core.
“We have to get to the point that people are accepting,” she said.

She also mentioned the possibility of repercussions.

“The law exists so that there could be ramifications,” Elia said.

Ah, yes – the fabled “communication” of the importance of testing, followed by “ramifications” if the communication attempts don’t win parents over.

That’s where this is heading – Elia has already shown that her idea of compromise is that other groups come to her side of the issues.

Frankly, I think whatever “ramifications” Elia and her merry men and women in reform in Albany cook up will come back to bite them, but we’ll have to see.

BLOG comments:

August 9, 2015 at 4:25 PM
Recently, members of NYSAPE and Diane Ravitch met with MaryEllen Elia to discuss testing and opt-out. She was not very receptive to what they were saying. Instead she wanted to tell them how important the testing program is.

In other words it was a waste of time.

Here are two links that give more information about the meeting.

Harris L.
August 9, 2015 at 4:25 PM
The problem for Ms. Elia, of course, is that the very people she sees as “problems” members of the State Legislature see as “constituents.”

If the battle becomes one between NYSED and 250,000 “opt-outing” parents who need to be disciplined and State Legislators and 250,000 people who need to be courted as “voters” exactly who do you think will win that fight? Not Ms. Elia who has a “voter base” of exactly 17 people called “Regents.”

August 9, 2015 at 4:27 PM
This lady was hired to resurrect the Common Core and Endless Testing Curriculum favored by the corporatists. If she does anything close to what she is hinting at she will last less than one year in this position. Tuschie is done at the end of this year and Heastie and the Assembly need to run for office again a year from November.

August 9, 2015 at 4:39 PM
The tests have value. That is definitely news.

Abigail Shure

Ms. Tsouris
August 9, 2015 at 5:16 PM
Remember, she’s Cuomo’s mouthpiece as he/she destroys public education

August 9, 2015 at 5:30 PM
Let’s not forget that the NYS board of regents unanimously appointed this woman.

sean crowley
August 9, 2015 at 5:52 PM
Looking forward to Elia taking on all the Opt Out Mommas of Long Island who aren’t drowning in poverty and are paying attention. Better fasten your wig Mrs. Doubtfire cause this one is going to get ugly fast.

Bronx Teacher
August 9, 2015 at 7:17 PM
This movement can be stopped. If she does anything improper all hell will break loose.

August 9, 2015 at 8:23 PM
Elia was brought in to essentially be the front line for the coward and bought-over Cuomo, and our Marie Antoinette Tusch, to “repackage” the Common Core and help parents to “better understand” it.

It’s going to be very interesting when she brings her “communications (the carrot) and ramifications (the stick)” argument to the people of New York and 250,000 people tell her what she can do with Common Core.

Ms Elia is the Frankenstein that Cuomo, Tisch, and the New York State Board of Regents unleashed upon the people of New York.

The privatizers will be taking her back in a matter of months, flipping her over to another state, as another state flips someone else to New York.

Cuomo playing the privatization movement’s hand…card by card.

August 9, 2015 at 8:25 PM
But what Cuomo does not see in this deck of cards…there is no “Get out of Jail Free”.

He deserves to rot in prison for his crimes against the people of New York.