Will New York State Flunk Most of the Class of 2022?


The New York State Education Department (NYSED) and the NY Board of Regents are standing firm to their allegiance of the state’s Common-Core-aligned exams.

Sure, there is no proof that passing a Regents exam aligned to Common Core will deliver on the ad nauseam “college and career readiness” Common Core advocates promise. There is also no proof that scoring well on a Regents Common Core exam means little more than mastering taking that exam.

When testing stakes are high, teaching and learning are replaced by concentrated test prep. That is the single direction that test-centric reform is driving public education.

And by the time that New York’s Class of 2022 is ready to graduate, New York public school students had better master those Regents Common Core exams. But mastering the exams is not objective; the state is able to manipulate passing rates based upon its cut-score-to-raw-score determinations.

Until 2022, the…

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