What would you love to see in our schools?


What would you envision for your school? Surely not common core. Surely not high stakes testing. Surely not starvation of desperately needed funding. Surely not age and content untested, inappropriate curriculum especially for the neediest students, like the economically disadvantaged, early learners and special needs learners. Surely not threats from the state and Feds to fall into line.

What comes to your mind when you envision a better world of love of learning for your children?

One blogger shares his thoughts.

From Mitchell Robinson, an educator in Michigan:
“Here’s what I want for my children’s education, and for education in general:
I want my children to read for enjoyment, play an instrument and sing, draw, dance, play, think, feel and be kind.
I want schools to be richly diverse, noisy, messy places full of discovery, where instead of worrying about a stifling regimen of tests, children are encouraged to explore, ponder, experiment and create.
I want rich arts programs, nurses, psychologists, counselors and librarians in every school, to make sure that no child comes to or leaves school hungry, in any way, and for schools to be places where every child and adult is treated with dignity and respect.
I want my children’s teachers to be free to create their own lessons, and work collaboratively with their colleagues in a climate of trust and mutual respect with their administrators, school board members and parents.
I want those teachers to be evaluated based on the work they do in the classroom with their students, not on standardized test scores in subjects they don’t teach, from students they’ve never met.
I want those teachers to be well prepared, and fully certified in their subject area with a semester or more of internship experience before being entrusted with their own classroom.
I want all children to be taught by persons who care about their growth and development as full human beings, not about their test scores.
And as a parent, I have a message for the reformers: Stay out of public education and stop obfuscating parents and community members with distracting propaganda like ‘global competition’ and ‘college and career readiness.’ which is only designed to further the false rhetoric of ‘failing schools.’ The vast majority of public schools are wonderful, and our children’s teachers are doing what can only be described as heroic work under very difficult conditions.
And let’s stop using ‘competition’ as a solution for the problems that have been caused by… ‘competition.'”

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