Elia is both a bully and unethical.


Are you furious yet? The shuffling around of the worst education reps all over the country has got to be a joke. They are shunned within their own states so they get promotions in another.
Check out the latest insanity.


Now, Gov Cuomo says there is no punishment for test refusals. (See here : http://www.nystateofpolitics.com/2015/08/cuomo-schools-shouldnt-be-penalized-for-test-opt-outs/. And,

Yet just days before, Elia says otherwise. #whoisdrivingthisclowncar


This gets more absurd by the day. How does Elia fathom it’s ethical to punish districts for the actions of parents that are beyond their control? How does she sleep at night attempting to punish schools and parents for exercising their rights to protect their own children? Unethical in Florida, unethical in New York.




So she doesn’t like the fact that parents won’t allow the abusing of our children in order to aid in the firing of teachers?


Even the Huff Post sees the irony.


This is madness. Is she for real?


Activist Deb Escobar words it perfectly.

“What is unethical, Commissioner Elia, is the following:
1) The State (ie you and our Governor) doing the bidding of corporate masters (Gates, Walton, Lumina for ex.) who are out to privatize public schools and eliminate unions.
2) Making children sit for a test that stresses them out to the point of physical complaints and emotional upset
3) Administering tests that you know have no validity because they are written way above grade level and the questions are deliberately written to be hard to understand, answers hard to choose between. (For those who are criticizing optout, I dare you to try taking one of these tests, which are available online, before you think they are just dandy for our kids.
4) Setting a cutoff rate and designing a bell curve that is engineered to make 70% of our students be labeled “not proficient,” thereby affecting their self-esteem and for some of them, their chances of graduating. What is NYS going to do with the 70% of students who will not graduate in 2023? Or are you hoping all public schools will be gone by then?
5) Using the results of said faulty test and engineered cutoff to put teacher jobs in jeopardy, thereby putting families at risk and their unemployment a drain on the resources of this state.
6) Calling yourself an education commissioner for the state, but appearing at conferences like the Educators 4 Excellence that are sponsored by the billionaires and charter hedgefund investors who are seeking to destroy our public schools. ( http://perdidostreetschool.blogspot.com/2015/08/maryellen-elia-gives-keynote-at.html?
m=1 )

Don’t you dare to call teachers who stand up for the best interests of their students unethical. Don’t you DARE. They are heroes along with all of the parents who are standing up and speaking out. For the children Commissioner. You know, those little people that you are supposed to advocate for???”

Teacher Gail DeBonis posted the following to this article, along with another 1 million other comments.

“As long as she’s using these tests as bullets against my colleagues THIS retired educator will go down fighting. As long as she’s allowing these tests to damage children and ruin public education, then THIS retired educator is going to fight back.
I don’t take threats lightly.”

Elia is the ultimate bully. And ethics? None.