Common Core — A Huge Step DOWN

Just The Facts, Ma'am

The Common Core “State” Standards are a major change in the purpose, content and methodology of educating children from K through 12. According to some reports, not only are the college entrance exams being revised to be Common Core compliant, COLLEGES are also said to be considering adopting or adapting to the change.

The question is, the change from WHAT?

The question is important because Common Core is either a step up, or just another step further down the road of the ever lower “progressive” standards that America has been experimenting with for over a hundred years.

The question that is not being asked, and therefore not being answered, is, what is the baseline? What is the baseline against which to measure Common Core and decide if it is a step up or a step down?

To those of us who went to school in the 1950s and 1960s (or…

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