Elia and Tisch- bad cop, bad cop.


Remember the promise Elia made to the parents to “communicate”, unlike the great ignorer John King (who was promoted for his tone deafness and left this vacancy for Elia who was fired from her previous position in Florida, only to similarly be promoted to commissioner here in New York.)

Well, it’s been made clear what she meant, exactly. It means she has been making a point to TALK to parents about WHY we SHOULD NOT refuse the tests. She’s promised to communicate and by gosh, she has! She has a mission. Not to LISTEN, but to speak, instruct, and dictate.

Have you seen her comment?

“We must also do a better job of explaining to parents the benefits of higher standards and annual testing,” Commissioner Elia said. “Since I became Commissioner, I’ve made it a priority to establish a dialog with parents so they better understand why we test. Annual assessments provide important information about individual students for parents and classroom teachers and allow us to keep track of how all student groups are doing. This year’s results show our scores are not yet where they need to be, but we will work to ensure continued improvement.”



That says it all. And in the same vein, she’s backed by the rapidly falling out of favor by just about everyone Tisch, head of the Regents (which, incidentally, were put into power to protect schools, not destroy them). Here is Tisch’s comment.
Lock step.

“This year, there was a significant increase in the number of students refusing the annual assessments,” Chancellor Tisch said. “We must do more to ensure that our parents and teachers understand the value and importance of these tests for our children’s education. Our tests have been nationally recognized for providing the most honest look at how prepared our students are for future success, and we believe annual assessments are essential to ensure all students make educational progress and graduate college and career ready. Without an annual testing program, the progress of our neediest students may be ignored or forgotten, leaving these students to fall further behind. This cannot happen.”

Another article also said “According to State data, approximately 80 percent of eligible test takers participated in the 2015 Grades 3-8 ELA and Math Tests; about 20 percent of eligible test takers did not participate in these tests and (wait for it….) **did not have a recognized, valid reason for not participating.” *****

(Citation pending)

Oh? Hey now. It’s happened. You want to threaten us and use politician double speak to scare us. Yet Gov Cuomo assures us there will be no “punishment”. Who are these people and when did education become so punitive not just against adult but against children? This is a sad, sad state of affairs. Listen carefully to their words and phraseology. Think about how they make you FEEL. If repelled, confused, lied to, belittled, and disgusted come to mind, know you aren’t alone. And these are the folks who claim to be in charge. Elia was brought in undemocratically behind closed doors by Tisch. Wonder why.

Now that Gov Cuomo has hung you out to dry this week, what will come next from your cauldron?
We have our spoons ready. Please sir, I want some more.