Why you should send in your refusal letter early.

Send in your refusal letter.
On day one.
Before they can talk you out of it.
They (Elia and the gang) are going to be coercing the school employees who in turn will be attempting the same on us.

Here is one:

And another.

Definition of coercion:

the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

synonyms: force, compulsion, constraint, duress, oppression, enforcement, harassment, intimidation, threats, arm-twisting, pressure
“Johnson claims the police used coercion to extract a confession”

We aren’t going to hear a lot of school employees encouraging opt out/refusal now that Elia is “building her coercion “tool kit” with lawyers. The principals will be calling you in to talk you out of this choice. Sit and stare, and 1000 page “work packets”, will surely be in store for these poor kids from school admins who want to prove their loyalty to Queen Tool(kit). What other punishments and coercion will be pulled out their hats remains to be seen. We have been told that in an effort to show she is “listening”, Elia has been quietly meeting with hand selected parents of younger children, in an attempt to brainwash them out of refusals before their children are of testing age. Where does that leave us? Parents must lead their own way to refuse this mess of age inappropriate testing, data mining and child labor. If we want to fight the system, we will likely be on our own. Send in your refusal letter now. Don’t wait till your principal or teacher tries to talk you out of it for fear of job loss due to insubordination. Their freedom of speech has been cut off at the knees and if they need the money from their salaries, they won’t be helping us. Elia has poured gasoline on this fire. Parents need to put it out by removing their children from the situation. These are our kids, not hers. Remember, none of these people who are making nor enforcing these rules have children in the public school system. NONE.


Just maybe if your school knows your child doesn’t need a year of test prep, they have a chance at a meaningful educational experience.

Send one to Elia as well.

And let these people know we aren’t going to be strong armed.

Eric Mihelbergel of NYSAPE offered the excellent advice, so this paragraph has been added to the below refusal letter from United to Counter the Core:

“We are aware that NYS Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia may direct you to attempt to convince us to rescind this decision. We decline any such meeting, phone call, or other attempted contact. Do not contact us for this reason. Please keep this letter on file as proof to Commissioner Elia that, being aware of our rights and the supposed importance of these tests, we remain steadfast in our decision to refuse.”


Maybe send a copy your refusal letter to these folks, too.
Remember, Tisch hired this person behind closed doors. Show her and her associates who parents are. We don’t work for her. Our kids have no Union. They have only us to protect them.

Regent.Tisch@nysed.gov; Regent.Bottar@nysed.gov; Regent.Tallon@nysed.gov; Regent.Tilles@nysed.gov; Regent.Bendit@nysed.gov; Regent.Rosa@nysed.gov; Regent.Young@nysed.gov; Regent.Cea@nysed.gov; Regent.Norwood@nysed.gov; Regent.Cashin@nysed.gov; Regent.Cottrell@nysed.gov; Regent.Brown@nysed.gov; Regent.Finn@nysed.gov; Regent.Chin@nysed.gov; Regent.Ouderkirk@nysed.gov; Regent.Collins@nysed.gov; Regent.Johnson@nysed.gov

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