First day jitters.


Day one of school for many. Some moms are sharing their thoughts. So much more emotion when school is no longer a place we send our children trustfully to learn and grow. We as moms (and dads and caretakers) feel the ache when our children leave the nest, even if it is just as fledglings on the school bus. When they aren’t in our sight, we feel as though we have a missing limb. We trusted our schools to nurture and keep safe the babies we raised into little people who are just beginning their own journeys. And then one day, the Feds and corporations saw our schools as dollar $ign$, and that trust of the school system was taken away. Now, we send our little ones off to a place where profits and tests are the buzz words, and watch them suffer under common core. We cry for the broken system, and long for the decades past when we could feel good when that big (or little) yellow bus pulled up.

Some moms share their back to school jitters, vastly different than the jitters our own parents had years ago.

Parent activist Christine Tamke Barbara writes:

“Ok day one is down. I’m really involved in the fight against common core. And for my friends who knew me before this, I hope you all remember who I am and who I was before all this.

The effects hit home for me. I didn’t know what was wrong, I just knew something was- for many reasons. Homework, class work, lack of field trips, new text and workbooks, parent universities to teach us how to do homework (which I thought was absurd)… And there was a change in my boys.

They’re awesome kids. But something changed when it came to school. No need for me to share details. Just know that it took every ounce of my energy, patience, and intuition to make it right. Maybe I look a lil crazy now. I’m not. I’m still me but I am also more aware and I’ve learned a lot.

I’m going to say this: if you see something questionable, even if it seems too silly to even ask about, ASK anyway. If your child seems to have lost their spark, ASK. If the HW seems inappropriate, personal, or frustrating (big difference from “challenging”), ASK. Ask questions. Learn about the standards. Look at the curriculum. Attend BOE meetings. Ask ME. I don’t have all the answers but I know people who do.

I’ve been through enough and I have seen enough. Day one. My boys are ok. But I’ve been contacted already; stories that have already brought tears to my eyes. On day one! How many days have to pass before something changes?

I don’t mean to be negative. I am so thrilled for the children who are doing well. I Love to hear about kids who seem unfazed. I’d love nothing more than to know this is the case for all. That’s why I fight.

No child should feel “stupid”. No child should cry over kindergarten homework. No child should suffer a nervous breakdown and have doctor declare it is medically necessary to remove him/her from the school environment. No special education students should be losing services or have their IEP’s disregarded because it isn’t possible to comply with Common Core standards/NYSED/assessments/benchmarks.

These things are happening and they’re real.
I hope everyone has a great year. These kids are growing up so fast.”

Those on social media who fight this hard, are probably known as “that mom” or the “stop common core dad”, or “that one who threatens our schools. But that is not how it is. We as a group love our schools and surely love our teachers. Teachers who fear we are against them are totally misinformed. We are fighting FOR THEM. For their autonomy and the freedom for them to truly teach our children again. We speak out not against the individual schools and certainly not against the teachers, but against the federal and corporate take over that the teachers also want to end. With the new year comes the “here comes that stop common core mom” look, and we want teachers to know we are working with them, not against. They need to stand with us as well.

Stacy Chambers Finch adds:

“Ok here goes. It’s that time of year again. Parent night. I don’t know if I’m just imagining things or not. But here’s the deal. I love our teachers. Anyone who reads my feed probably has the wrong idea. I want to set it straight. What I don’t love is the rules and regulations the federal government has pushed on all schools. I feel our teachers are doing the best they can with what they have. I do not love “Beyond Textbooks”, but I understand that it simplifies the ridiculously confusing ‘standards’ pushed down from the feds. I don’t love testing, but again, this is not up to our teachers. I do not love data collection. I do love that my son’s teacher recognizes that, and does not use personal information. Most of all I love seeing, hearing, and feeling how much these teachers care about each of our kids. While I may not agree with every decision they make, I trust them to care.

I am proud to be known as the ‘stop common core mom’. But I would also like everyone to understand that my battles are not always or even often local. I feel that the state has a responsibility to refuse mandates, same with county and local boards. I don’t accept the excuse of ‘that’s the law’ but I do understand it. My goal is to get those laws changed. Not to be a pain in the @$$ to every teacher or admin. And also not to get schools shut down, actually it’s the opposite. The reason for all my crazy (social media) posts are to wake enough people up across the country so that there is no other choice but to change/abolish the laws. Saving our schools from the nefarious agendas of the progressives. And in doing so letting our teachers teach. So the weird looks and defensive postures can stop (imaginary or real).”

Parents and teachers love these children. The Feds and corporations look at them as profits and data points. That has to end, this year. We have lost a generation of our nations most valuable resource. We must turn this around, the hour grows late for the incoming babies. Stand strong and speak out. The Feds and companies have no place in our schools. Period.