A teacher pens a song on the absurdity of common core.

More of a spoken word poem than a song, but says what we all know to be true.

“Common” Core Problems

I’m amazed at the FACT that they want to take the beautiful ABSTRACT
FORM of the human body and FORCE it into a box
This embodies a huge problem in society and needs to stop
Cause “in the box” is not always the prop-er spot
Often it’s the opp-osite, to get to the top
When the thing they push the most down our throats is like a prop
Spinning in obvious hypocrisy
Disguised in statements of individuality and creativity
Playing songs of trust me
This “box” limits a person capacity
Subtly Capping it’s potential indefinitely, especially
Since it threatens the powers that be
Threatening them from dethroning them from their self proclaimed hierarchy
It’s like an altered reality… It’s misleading, this duality
Of “do as I say, not as I do”, “say as I do, not as I say” “do as I do” “but don’t do it that way”, it’s ok for TODAY,
but you do it that way tomorrow there will be hell to pay
So pay it forward
And flip the bill I will
costly it’ll…be, cause…
Investment isn’t CHEAP

It’s imperative, we need to KEEP stuffing hope down the throats of the youth
So they remain HOPE-FULL cause
Most of them are hungry, starving for the right fuel
Filling empty, by Being pumped with material objects
The epitome of stuffed emptiness
And WITH ALL we have… We have less, too many see the future as hopeless, a mess
Since school only teaches info, leaving them skill-less
And even somewhat unprepared for college
How do I know this… I actually talk to them
Unlike the law makers that think “policy” is the answer and the “common core” problem
Can be solved with more questions
And a “One size fits all” solution
Increase rigor and build modules to be administered…like DRONES
While comparing us to countries that are nothing like our OWN
I’ll keep it simple… My message that is
It’s like comparing apples and bananas and wait….our country’s ORANGES

Don’t get me wrong,
Questions are good and… “increase the level of thinking” we should…
But these questions are disconnected and not really set up to protect kids
Especially those in the “hood”
This generation is hectic, selfies uploading massive amounts of info at a rapid pace
Posting to Instagram and Facebook trying to establish their place in this state

But OUR STATE is not providing the tools to equip them to get to the top for this race
Giving them shoes without laces, that just seem dumb


Cause to them, them being politicians
it’s a numbers game of redirection, finger pointing and blame
As their only concerns are that schools are obedient and stay in place,
As they “race to the top” for funding
Making sure districts Adhere to all PARTS… of their plan
To help add to the height on the global…education…scoreboard…CHARTS
Thanks Uncle Sam!!!

It’s Garbage, wrapped in a pretty package of fear
Far from what we really need
Taking advantage of the publics lack of knowledge using REAL smoke and MIRRORS a performance even Copperfield would REVERE
Veering the people off track
as they attack and stack the odds against us while we’re the ones in the trenches
Teaching kids how to break down fences so they’re not bound by the henchmen
AND LYNCHED by government oppression
The emphasis is always teachers slack, sit back and lack doing nothing
When maybe it’s not us, in fact, most of us fuss so much we should be compared to a truss… system

This new national curriculum “the common core” is a major problem
Masking it self as standards while private corporations profit

It’s not advancing KIDS, regardLESS of the level they think it is
If anything it’s keeping them limited
By diminishing the love of learning to “knowledge of content” and test taking
But despite the dim witted narrow minded VIEWS imposed on us by people who have never been in classROOMS, we will push through and
Kids WILL continue to take in as much as they CAN… to get their fill

They’re just being fed the wrong mouth full
From politician, media, money making lobbyist who’s only interest is his or her “INTEREST” bearing account
They’re not really interested in kids
They’re just pawns in their chess game campaign of business
And their business is money and power

We forget, as parents and teachers, that their pre-frontal
Cortex can’t always digest what’s being said… From us
Plus, it’s not mole hills, it’s Mountains of non useful info
Pumping Pseudo ideas to their ears
About being college and career ready
Forgetting about dreams….we need to support the idea that they can be anything they dream to be
But it’s very hard to measure a dreams accountability
So WE, destructively tell them to BE realistic
and prepare for tests just to become a number statistic
While companies generate profit
Telling the teachers what they need as if they’re prophets

Blatant piercing statements of “we know better”
could only be one thing…. A Pearson statement
Backing the billions they’re making proclaiming it’s a great thing
As our children count tears
While trying to learn the NEW multiplication
Ruining the love of learning by taking something simple and making it overly complicated
We may be sick, but
Spoon fulls of the wrong medicine won’t heal anything, it’ll just keep us broken
Interesting, think about it… Maybe it’s not an accident
Why is bill gates medaling in education, a tax right off, or is there big money to be made as we build a work force that could work for him
Forget free thinking… That’s threatening
So as he promotes education,
Don’t be fooled to quick
His motives aren’t necessarily altruistic

We must be realistic and
stop Ignoring the social… Aspect
Kids are more than academic…components

it’s crucial to remember adolescents live in the moment
Drifting through waves of emotions
Most of them are just trying to stay a-float
Set sail TOO young, with nothing, not even a lesson
On how to swim with no floatation… Device
Afraid in their own boat, the HULL is blasted with holes
Leading it to slowly sink
Being too hard to comprehend and think, they blink hoping this is a joke, nope and
They’ve Never been taught to cope
This isn’t a Star Trek voyage and they don’t know Captain Kirk
So they can’t just blend in, in other words, they’re not able to cloak
So they proMOTE their politician side
being the side of lies
I guess it’s monkey see, monkey do
As their self serving behaviors fly
It’s not their best side,

But it’s sometimes the only side we can see with our adult eyes
We’ve become blind and deaf to their cries
With a disconnect of teachers teaching stuff
And not teaching the child

But let’s not forget, its physiologically how their brain is wired
Vying for autonomy
To TRY and FIGHT and DISCOVER and answer the WHYS
Sometimes we’re their last line…of defense
To merge the division of their young fence
Teach em how to take a stance
We must guide their flight, ease their plight
Teach them how to defend their body, mind and heart
Be calmer through the turbulence, be the most stable part
it’s OUR job to be their ARMOR
To protect them from HARM and, from themselves
It’s part of our responsibility, similar to a farmer
To protect the crop so it can prosper
Water and nurture it with proper nutrients
Pride and self confidence
We must trust and release them and….let them fall
so they can learn how to get up
We must be their role model in ALL, we do
Leading be example, knowing they will mimic everything we do
And although we may lose a few, we must NEVER GIVE UP
And continue to fuss and trust with confidence that
Our lessons…. WILL…. GET…. THROUGH!!!!!!!

Cause We are their armor!!!

Jan. 2014

Copyright © Michael Coniker