Parents and teachers speak to Regents, will their comments again fall on deaf ears?


The following piece was sent to the stop common core in New York blog as an anonymous submission.

Regent Tilles opposes evaluation by test scores … but it’s not all that it seems?

I am writing to express my discontent with the new APPR regulations that will be voted on in the coming weeks.

In the Washington Post’s article regarding public education reform and effecting teacher evaluations tied to testing Regent Roger Tilles say the following:

“I worry that all of the above is an attempt to promote charter schools and dismantle the public school system. As more charter schools arise, the non-charter students in public schools will have even fewer resources. In all likelihood more public school failures will occur leading politicians, as they have in several states already, to introduce comprehensive school voucher programs.

If one were cynical, one could look back at the origins of No Child Left Behind and the motives of its initial backers and might conclude that there is a desire to solve the problems associated with the failure of some public schools education in order to promote tax-supported vouchers. These ideas were advanced during the Reagan era, but thankfully did not find a foothold. We seem to certainly be moving toward these expectations. At some point a push-back is necessary. For me the time is now.”

See the entire article from the Washington Post at:

However, even though you seem to realize, per the article, that certain nefarious forces are at work in ‘education reform’ these days, why is there even a question as to how you, a public servant, may vote regarding the public’s will (parents and students) and the best interest of other fellow public servants (educators) ?

Please see the following post by Diane Ravitch:

In Diane Ravitch’s article, there is an implication that even in the face of how the public feels, in spite of a flawed testing and evaluation system along with the Governors admission that the education reform which occurred over the past several years is not what it ought to be – that Regent Tilles may still vote in favor maintaining these draconian measures.

See Gov calls CC broken:

Why ?
The article points out that although he is personally opposed to test-based evaluation, Regent Tilles states that he must support the law (albeit flawed and coerced) that was pushed through hurriedly in the middle of the night tied to an education budget last spring. He also states that believes that superintendents in Long Island should support the governor’s plan.

With all that has been posted over the years the public has done their homework. We parents know better than to believe what ill guided policy makers or the newspaper tells us. I ask, is Regent Tilles ‘going along to get along’ or is this the lawyer in him covering for himself. I’m not sure … you decide.

Mr. Tilles, how exactly does a public servant such as your self take a contrary position toward a sea of upset parents and students, over 200,000, whose public interest you have been sworn to work toward ? Similarly, again – how can the public servant in you vote in favor of continuing to use invalid methods to more harshly tie standardized testing to teacher evaluations ?

Folks, we parents and educators need to keep in mind that evaluations tied to the previous NYS budget process are NOT a done deal – there is vote by the Regents on or around Sept 16th.

There is still time to call your NYS Regent:

However, Diane Ravitch suggests that when you speak to Regent Tilles, instead of asking him if he opposes a test-based evaluation, ask if he will stand with the public he is sworn to work for and vote to oppose the Governor’s test-based evaluation plan. After all, who are Regent Tilles constituents ? I guess time will tell.

And if you get Regent Tilles on the phone, tell him to vote NO to the regulations that will hurt our children while also making scapegoats of teachers and further damage the educational process in our schools.

Tell him this because what is happening is not “reform” but rather a hostile corporate takeover of public education resulting in the loss of local control of the educational process.

Regent Tilles, for US the time is NOW !
So please put a stop to this system that is failing parents, students and teachers alike by voting NO to the new regulations.

Then, this year … work towards resetting this whole think back to a time when we parents could raise our kids in the usual struggles we’ve always had and get this extra burden off of our back !!

A concerned parent, who also happens to be a proud educator.