Parents Assert Their Right To Refuse Harmful Testing Practices To Protect Children from State Sanctioned Harm

Parents need to let other parents know why they #refusethetests. It isn’t because the unions told us to. They have been dangerously silent. It is because these tests are unpaid child labor, and are harming our babies. The state sanctioned child abuse must end with parents #refusing to allow it. Our children have no union, they have only us. We must #REFUSE.

Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY

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Parents Assert Their Right To Refuse Harmful Testing Practices To Protect Children from State Sanctioned Harm

At a time when opt outs have reached critical mass and parents across the state have pledged to refuse to allow their children to be subjected to state-sanctioned harm, both Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Elia confirm what Hudson Valley parents have long known to be the truth: parents have a fundamental and absolute right to direct their children’s education by refusing the controversial Common Core tests.

“State and federal officials must not intrude when parents seek to make choices about what is best for their own children. There are aspects of the NYS Testing program that parents may find questionable and objectionable for educational, political, social, ethical and/or religious reasons. The decision to refuse the test does not come lightly.  It is a family decision that is simply beyond the control of administrators and…

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