SHUT it up.


Thinkitup has got to be an all new low. Exxon Mobil et al who know nothing at all about education, together with Mr. Gates, have bought three major networks to brain wash Americans ala 1984, in a sick effort to promote charter schools and suck money out of the pockets of the middle class to promote common core and their privatization agenda. The idea of using too-rich celebrities to beg for donations while the ever distasteful Justin Bieber grabs his crotch during prime time, is crazy making. And the icing on the cake, this is going down on 9/11. Instead of asking for donations for the surviving bombing victims who are ill or disabled, or for the families whose losses can not be measured, they quietly snuck this drivel unsuspected into our homes in an unavoidable way.

Why do we look down on think it up?
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These people starve our schools of funding, impose their policies against the will of the taxpayers, and then beg for money with attempts at guilt and shame.

These people drop the catch phrases of college and career readiness, global citizenry, and rigor without mentioning the actual words “common core” which is a certain death sentence for any attempt to receive tax payer money. It’s no coincidence this comes right when school starts and the refusal letters are pouring in.

Every time we think there’s a new low that cannot be beat, the profiteers prove us wrong.

We see you.

You are afraid of the awakening of millions of tax payers, parents, and teachers across the country, and it is no coincidence that you have bought the networks just as the backlash against the corporate take over of schools has come to a head.

These glaring attempts to get a hold of the anti privatization, test refusal, and anti common core movement are transparent.

What was this garbage? We the people are embarrassed.