Did Former DOE Official Admit to Breaking U.S. Law?

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“U.S. Dept. of Education officials write about accountability and evidence-based reforms, yet purposefully ignored decades of research on successful learner-centered whole school innovations and the dangers of high-stakes testing. Federal laws were ignored, new rules, measurement tools and standards were written out of thin air. By cutting professional teachers and education experts out of the formulation of education policies and seeking to “leverage” change, DOE’s leaders (directly connected to charter school investors) put in place one of the most destructive education policies in recent U.S. history. And, they broke the law to do it, in my opinion.” ~Christopher Chase

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Joanne Weiss, the former Dept. of Education official in charge of President Obama’s Race to the Top program recently wrote an article entitled  “Competing Principles” for the Stanford Social Innovation Review. It’s a journal put out by Stanford University’s PACS (Center on Philanthropy & Civil Society), an educational institution which seeks to “leverage the intellectual assets of a diverse…

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