Regents vote against children and teachers. Again.


This is a shameful day. The regents voted to allow the current system to stand. Much testing and it all counts toward 50% of teacher evals. So essentially though they were hired to challenge the system, they have again failed it. They also plan to rebrand common core.


Diane Ravitch weighs in on this disappointing but expected vote:

“Today, the New York Board of Regents will vote to approve the harsh and punitive educator evaluation plan that Governor Andrew Cuomo rammed through the Legislature last spring as part of a budget bill.

In doing so, the Regents will abandon their Constitutional authority over education policy. The New York State Constitution grants full control over education to the Board of Regents. It grants none to the Governor. The Governor does not appoint a single member of the 17-member Board of Regents. The State Legislature selects them. The Governor does not appoint the state Commissioner of Education. That is the job of the Regents.

Today the Regents will approve Cuomo’s plan to tie 50% of educator evaluations to student test scores. The Governor’s plan was shaped in his office, without benefit of hearings, public discussion, public debate, or expert testimony.

The Regents have the power to reassert their Constitutional authority. But they are weak. They will fold to the will of a Governor whose determination to rule is greater than the Regents’ commitment to the State Constitution. Or to the children, or to the educators, or to the best interests of education in New York.

Parents have been ignored throughout this charade of the Governor flexing his political muscle. They will have a chance to be heard next spring, when the tests are administered. More students will opt out, more than the 220,000 who refused the tests in 2015. Will it be 300,000? 400,000? This is parents’ only means to be heard. They will be heard.”

Lace to the Top’s Keith shares:

“The Regents didn’t really do anything today that shouldn’t have been expected. The time to stop this train was back in June, at the first vote to accept this mess that was crammed through legislation.

The original six yes votes Regents Rosa, Cashin, Chin, Ouderkirk, Collins and Johnson should be thanked. Staying true to their original vote, standing up for our Teachers, our kids, fulfilling their obligations and duty to stop the governor from controlling education decisions.

This should be a wake up call that the other eleven regents should be on a list to be removed and replaced. They are not serving the best interests of the children, our schools and their constituents. Today they served a governor and his plan to push harmful education policies.

The original six NO voting regents are the type we need to thank and hope for more of in the future. People with actual lifelong educational backgrounds and stakes to hold in education. We are going to have to make sure we remind our legislators which Regents need to go. Then we have to remind everyone who the heavy hearts were on April 1st. People need to pay for ignoring us little people, the voters.”

Retired educator Denis Ian shares:

“Speaking of criminal investigations … here in New York, we are supposed to enjoy the independent expertise of a Board of Regents … which is to be beyond the influence of the governor and even the legislature. Spare me. The BoR is as independent as an infant. They don’t read the headlines without a nod from the real folks orchestrating this reform … the governor and his extra-governmental business interests who are invested up to their eyeballs in the current reshaping of education in NYS. The building of BIG EDUCATION is clearly underway in New York … and the usual hedge fund vultures and investor class representatives are yanking puppet strings … and seeing to it that the money flow remains unimpeded and even increased. Speaking of that criminal investigation …

Cuomo’s recent and rather public lament about the failures of Common Core is in all likelihood a head fake so that the monied interests can neutralize the parental power that threatens their money flow.

Cuomo and company have tampered with the BoR in the past … and they’ll do it again and again because Machiavelli is still the most favored Italian in all of NYS. Expect a new offensive for perhaps a rebranded Common Core … but the innards of the old Common Core reform will be there for all of us to loathe once again.

As a society, this is what we get for treating matters of law so cavalierly. We elected these law-bending folks to office all over the nation … and they have stretched and bent and twisted and licoriced the law until, well, until it stands for what ever they want it to stand for. And that almost always in their favor … not ours.”

-Denis Ian

If you’ve never before questioned why the regents are in place, let us explain. They were supposed to be a system of checks and balances. They admit the “opt out movement is a strong political force”, and simultaneously ignore all reasons behind it.

Refusal is the only defense we have left as parents. To save our kids, schools, and teachers, from the political agenda as enforced and endorsed by Tisch and the regents.

Eric Mihelbergel of NYSAPE writes:

The NYS Regents voted to move forward with the even more horrendous teacher evaluation system that now forces even more emphasis to be put on state tests. The vote was 10-6.

Submit your test refusal letter TODAY! We will RESIST harder than ever. Spread the word! Pass out refusal letters at every school event you attend.


The regents are typically ignoring the other, significant driving force behind refusals, which is parents who understand all too well that the actual curriculum is garbage. A rebrand is the worst thing they could have suggested. And this vote solidifies the side they are on, politics above the health of our children.

Parents know our children are being wronged. Thank you regents for proving you do not care.