Regents Vote Assures Opt Outs in the Hudson Valley Will Grow

Tisch has to go. She has long ago stopped representing the interests of any child (or teacher) in New York.

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Regents Vote Assures Opt Outs in the Hudson Valley Will Grow

Parents across the Hudson Valley are dismayed by yesterday’s vote by the Board of Regents to permanently adopt teacher evaluation regulations that will double down on high stakes testing and the harmful effects of test-prep driven education. While we applaud the courage of those Regents who voted no, Hudson Valley parents are disappointed with Regent Finn’s failure to protect public school children in our area.

“Under Chancellor Tisch’s leadership, the Regents majority have failed to challenge flawed legislation that harms public school children” said Carol Newman Sharkey, Orange County public school parent.  “It is clear that Chancellor Tisch must be removed from her position when her term is up this year.”

“The Regents failed to rise up against the Governor’s tyrannical demands and instead…

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