Stealing kindergarten data.


This is a must read. Kindergarten data mining abounds. These are babies, a year or two out of diapers. Why the need for big data?

“If you’re a parent of a child starting school this fall, you have plenty to worry about. First of all, you hope your child likes school, can make friends and gets a good teacher, and, oh yeah, can also find their way onto the right bus. Once that gets taken care of, parents can also worry about something called the Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA).

And they have good reason to be worried about it. KEA is a prototypical Big Government program that gathers personal data about students from the time they’re little children until adulthood, with insufficient safeguards to ensure the information is kept safe and used fairly.

What is KEA? KEA is the beginning part of an assessment tool called the NC K-3 Formative Assessment that compiles student data from the time a child enters kindergarten until five years after the student enters the workforce – from early childhood to adulthood. KEAs for 120,000 kindergarten students will begin this fall.”
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Big data from cradle to grave is the Duncan and Gates dream for our children. They feel teachers are all “substandard” and our children need lots and lots of government and corporation help to “fix” our “broken” education system.

They have taken zero responsibly for what they have actually done, which is not to fix, but to ruin it.


Duncan watches our babies and collects data on them. When they’re 21 and can’t get the job of their dreams because they failed a first grade test, will we then learn the depth of what this massive privacy invasion has done?

Collecting data that cannot be guaranteed to be held private, and that manifests with yet more and more tests and “screening instruments” have sucked the joy out of learning from our schools. These poor children.

Image credit Wisconsin Daily independent.