NEA = Sell Out

Rampant Gates money everywhere you look.

A Teacher's Perspective

By: Heather Poland

I was excited to learn that as a California State Delegate I would be able to participate in the conference call with CTA and Lily Eskelsen Garcia about the imminent primary endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

I, as many colleagues, am upset that this is a possibility. I emailed my NEA board reps, many of whom agreed with me. I encouraged members from other states to also email their NEA board members. I was looking forward to the conference call, though I was under no false hope that anything said would change Lily’s mind. I wanted to hear her words from her mouth, and hopefully ask a good question that other members and CTA board members would hear and, hopefully, think about.

The first 15 minutes were Lily speaking, defending why she wants to early endorse Hillary. The overall message I got from her was that she is…

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