A clown car of pro common core cheerleaders does not a commission make.


Common core commission? Two words. Stacked deck.


Elia? Seriously??
Not one elementary parent. Teachers, just two in total, but from America Achieves and other related pro common core cheerleading teams. Randi Weingarten is here. Where are the parents, board of Ed members, average every day citizens and tax payers? Why no inner city and rural teachers to lead this nonsense?


Bianca Tanis of the Hudson Valley Alliance for Public Education sums it up nicely.

“Cuomo’s new 15 person Common Core Task Force does not include a single parent of an elementary school child. Of the 15 person panel, there are only two teachers, only one of whom is an elementary school teacher. But they did leave room for such relevant people as “Richard Parsons, a Senior Advisor at Providence Equity Partners, Inc., a leading private equity investment firm specializing in media, communications and information companies.” This is a disgrace. Randi Weingarten, Catherine Nolan, and Catalina Fortino are also panelists and should refuse to participate in this sham of a task force until there is equal representation of the parents of children harmed by these developmentally inappropriate standards.”


They’ll rename it the “Empire State standards” and call it a day. Some are saying the report has already been written.


This is a true war on our schools. Receivership and this joke of a commission are the hot topics of the day. They’ve lost their own game and this is their swan song.






Deborah Torres Henning – founder of education and child rights advocacy group New York Guardians shares:

“Common core cannot be “fixed” and to keep saying it was the implementation and the flawed roll out that is the problem is preposterous.

– Stop these meaningless tests. We want our children’s learning measured by REAL tests developed by educators not test publishing companies trying to make a buck.

– Common core was never piloted, tested, and has not been proven to make any child college and career ready.

– This push for “college and career ready” forgets the population who either don’t want to, or don’t have the ability, to go to college, We still value trade schools and we have a special needs population who are being abused by this reform

– Parents want to see the tests – the ENTIRE tests. Why would any parent allow their children to be given a test no one can see? – YOU cant have 400 points of data on my children!

– We want local control of our education.

– We don’t want the RttT money, or the grants to be a Common Core institute.

– We don’t want the re-authorization of ESEA

– Where are the parents on this task force? Why is this task force comprised of many of the same names who agreed to allow common core into our schools? Already this task force deck is stacked.

-Stop threatening parents and schools regarding opt outs/refusals. Your threats will only fuel the fire. We do not take kindly to threats.

-You need Parent liaisons for this task force and for the Board of Regents, and the Senate Education Committee, and the Assembly Education Committee. These parents MUST come from trusted groups within the Stop Common Core community.

The intended outcome is to stop this debacle and get back to REAL education. Where the Teachers teach and the children learn. What stakeholders will it help? The only stakeholders anyone should be concerned with are the CHILDREN! The children are just collateral damage in this adult game and it must stop!”