Please support New York’s lost standards.


We all know common core is headed for a name change, especially insert this farce of a review commission, which consists of all common core deformers.

The Hudson Valley Alliance for Public Education and Stop Common Core in NY blog, ask that you take back up your pens, keyboards, and phones to request this ridiculous joke of a process be circumvented. We do not accept a rebranding of the common core curriculum. Minor tweaks are NOT ENOUGH. We ask that the “lost New York State standards” be used to replace the horrendous common core standards.

Please review these standards here:

Anna Shah shares:

“Governor Cuomo’s triple “C” panel of “experts” has all their work cut out for them already!

If the governor is truly interested in “reviewing”, “conducting a reboot” and “overhauling” the common core standards to make them unique and developmentally appropriate for New York, then perhaps the commission must simply replace the crappy common core standards authored by David Coleman, Susan Pimental et al, with the homemade, developmentally appropriate, rigorous lost standards developed by a panel of teachers, child development specialists and our very own New York State Regents led by Regent Saul Cohen years ago.

New York needed to write new educational standards, and Regent Cohen had agreed to lead the project.

Officially known as the “Regents Standards Review and Revision Initiative”, the project addressed and resolved many of the concerns that drove Common Core’s primary goals. Simply put, the “lost standards” were the better product.

Regent Cohen brought in veteran educator Walter Sullivan and they put together a team of New York State public-school teachers and child development experts Who worked with the regents on this project.

Over two years, with little fanfare, Cohen and Sullivan led the team of New York educators who created what may have been the country’s best standards for English/language arts and English as a second language. They were set to do the same for other subjects when the project was co-opted by corporate interests.

On a pitch by David Coleman, architect of common core, who was eager to sell his defective product to NYS and to advance investment interests, Chancellor Tisch set up a meeting and the rest is history.

All of the hard work conducted by Regent Cohen and his panel was scrapped and replaced by the common core in one fell swoop.

Regent Cohen was understandably distressed, angry because , as he asserts, the common core was simply not as good as the standards that were crafted by New York public school children by New York State education experts Time and care to make sure that they were good quality, rigorous high standards just right for NY state public school children.”

Here is more on the history of New York standards:

“A team of New York educators, led by a former member of the Board of Regents, Saul Cohen, was doing this from 2008 to 2010. They were well underway in developing the nation’s best standards when, according to Cohen, the state “grabbed the (federal) money” and “tossed out all of the work we had done.” He adds, “I was very upset, because the national standards weren’t as good. Now we have this mess.”
The “lost standards” were infinitely better than Common Core. The process was very transparent, with public forums and vast feedback from teachers and parents. The standards were high, but developmentally appropriate. They relied on multiple methods of measuring student progress — not just standardized testing. And many educational decisions were left to local school districts.
It’s the model the Governors commission should pursue.

Now, we are left with the crappy common core and many problems the commissions and panels prior have been unable to resolve.

It’s time for the governor to admit that they were wrong.

Restore the “law standards”officially the standards that resulted from the Regents Standards Review and Revision Initiative.”

As unearthed by LoHud writer Gary Stern, this well hidden information on common core should have sealed it away where it belonged, in the round file. This is a must read.

Bring back the lost standards, the only “New York State Empire standards” that NYS parents and educators will accept!

Who’s with me and demanding that the lost standards be reinstated?!”

Lost standards versus common core:

Ready to stand behind your children and teachers, New York? This is game time.

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