PSA: Possible Breach/Exposure of Sudent Information Affecting Students in Ulster County Boces Region

Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY

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An incident has come to my attention that all  parents Ulster County BOCES region should be aware of. There has been possible breach/exposure of student information by New Wave Technologies, a vendor providing web based technologies to teachers for use in schools. The story is developing. Please see below for what we know right now.

It has come to light that Ulster County BOCES shared private student data with a for profit company NewWay Technologies to develop “new data visualization tools” that would allow teachers to analyze student test scores on iPhones, tablets, and computers.

National renowned students data privacy advocate Leonie Haimson discovered that New Way Technology was using the names and data of Ulster County students in it’s promotional videos which were taken down on September 29th. Numerous screenshots reveal the names of real students from districts throughout Ulster County. Each name is associated with an id number…

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