They only get one shot.


Words from an educator, parent, and grandparent.



The widespread dissatisfaction is not confined to testing/evaluations and selective school take-overs … it’s about loads of other features of this hoax-reform.

It’s about age-inappropriate curriculum designs, the “rigor” philosophy, “career and college readiness” for 70 month old children, the disappearance of recess, the loss of the arts, the overly-scripted modules that suffocate teacher spontaneity and professionalism, the data collection and intrusive questioning of private, domestic features of parents, the sudden appearance of loathsome, new-age gurus who insist they have discovered the Holy Grail of education … for a price, of course. A price paid by all of you.

Then there’s the political class … who have zero educational expertise but seem unfazed by their cluelessness. And blend in the investor class which now sees your schools as part of the new big-money trough dubbed BIG EDUCATION.

You get the picture … the ugly picture. It’s a lot more than evaluations/assessments and some failing schools. It’s about the entire institution of public education … and taxpayer control.

But most of all … and most important … it’s about children. And their right to a soft and sweet and imaginative childhood that can never be replayed despite the most mind-bending technology. It’s a one-shot, one-at-bat experience that parents must guarantee. It’s part of that life-contract we all make when we decided to bring a child into this world. Honor that. Always.

Finally, it’s all about the very survival of that school down the block … that sliver of Americana that some would scrub right out of our culture. That’s worth fighting for … all day long … because that is where your children live part of their days.


– Denis Ian