You won’t want to miss this well hidden, damning critique of common core.


Hold on to your hats. This one speaks for itself. How common core ever progressed past this critique is the real question.

Mitchell Rubinstein explains;

“In 2010, at the request of the Board of Regents, Saul Cohen and Walter Sullivan (two of New York’s most respected education experts) led a team of New York experts in reviewing a late draft of the Common Core standards. They were asked to give their “input”. NONE of their suggestions or ideas were adopted. That document they produced was never released by the Regents, until it was requested by LoHud journalist Gary Stern.
The document makes it clear that Cohen and his team had some incredibly serious, substantive criticisms of Common Core. There were problems both in the design and the writing of the standards. Cohen’s group predicted many of the negative effects parents and teachers are seeing in classrooms right now. Further, their criticisms were completely ignored by the Regents and by Common Core architect David Coleman, in his rush to get the Standards finished.

Now, we have been told there will be a thorough review of Common Core. But none of this information will be used. None of these experts will be heard. So much for the “fair and impartial” review of Common Core.”

This review is a farce. The criticism has already been out there for years, ignored. This new review team is a show. Smoke and mirrors.

“This is a MUST read!!! The NYS Board of Regents and other team members who were in the position of reviewing standards for NYS in 2010, stated that Common Core had definite issues, and that the standards that NYS was in the process of developing were *better standards*, yet Common Core was still adopted in New York. This proves that it was all about the money …NOT OUR CHILDREN!!!!

It’s time for NYS to admit their mistake, to get rid of Common Core, and dust off the “lost standards” to place them into our schools so our teachers can get back to giving our children what they deserve….a QUALITY EDUCATION!!!”

-Tracey Elwood Demkowicz

2010 Critique of Draft Common Core Standards by the Leaders of the New York State Standards.

This should be shown to all who ask, why fight?

More on the alleged “commission”.