Duncan departs, the parent movement has caused a ripple effect.

Look at the mess this man has left.

And yet here we are.


The walls are tumbling down.
This is a house of cards.

Parents are really having an effect now. Hey USDOE – pull up your pants, your politics are showing. Duncan is out and King is a replacement.
“WASHINGTON (AP) — Arne Duncan, who followed President Barack Obama to Washington to serve as his education secretary, announced Friday he will step down following a seven-year tenure marked by a willingness to plunge head-on into the heated debate about the government’s role in education.

Sidestepping a confirmation fight in Congress, Obama tapped a senior bureaucrat to run the department while leaving the role of secretary vacant for the remainder of his presidency.”

Two years ago before parents spoke loudly, clearly, and often, no one had heard of common core.
Now, it is a main election candidate litmus test.

It has come to a head both in New York and in the entire county. Juggling John King around despite the vote against him of no confidence is baffling. Clearly, this is damage control to get rid of Duncan who has become an embarrassment as the most hated individual in educational office today. This is a response to the refusal and anti common core movement, make no mistake, this is an act of desperation.

But King?
Must read and see:


Have you seen this statement?

“John King was an extraordinary leader and an incredible partner in his four and a half years as New York’s Commissioner,” she said in the statement. “With vision and courage he led the transition to higher standards, a stronger curriculum, and critical reforms in teacher preparation. His life story is a testament to the potential for our public schools to literally save lives. Since our time together at Teacher’s College he has amazed me with his intellect, commitment and conviction. I applaud the President’s choice and know John will do an extraordinary job for all of America’s children.”

We remember a vastly different story. A man who couldn’t navigate a room filled with a bunch of upstate parents, and declared them racist when they simply questioned his rhetoric. He stamped his feet and went home and cancelled all future meetings with the tax payers of New York State.


This truly is the twilight zone. You can’t make this stuff up.

Guaranteed when these people put in common core behind closed doors they did not anticipate this uncontainable backlash.

It’s clear what their agenda is. Duncan is despised- they’re trying to re market common core and maybe rebrand it. Duncan is not the man for that job. He’s too tarnished. Presidential election hot topic.

Please read this:


Will the USDOE ultimately find a replacement tyrant like Elia to run the USDOE? Stay tuned.

Duncan’s resignation.