Education in NY Headed for an Iceberg


John King had no intentions of leaving NY. While he deserves the credit for creating some of the worst education reforms in NY history, he should also be applauded for attempting to slow Cuomo’s teacher evaluation plan.

As John King was leaving his office in NY, Governor Cuomo sent him a letter.  The letter was meant to serve as a slap on the wrist and called King’s work in NY “unacceptable.”  John was crowned King Botched Implementer by Cuomo and was sent on his merry way.  During his farewell, King took credit for the standards and the curriculum in NY, but he stopped short of taking credit for the teacher evaluation system.  He correctly stated, that the evaluation issue belongs to Cuomo and Cuomo alone.  It was Cuomo’s evaluation plan that drove not only King, but John’s merry men, out of Dodge.  At first, we cheered King’s departure.  Now it has…

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