New boss, same as the old boss.

The USDOE shuffles the worst people around that are the biggest failures locally. Elia from her failure in Florida, now King, promoted not once but twice, after his failure in New York. Each day you think it can’t get more bizarre, worse, more insulting, and yet you read the morning paper and sit in slack jawed disbelief. This bureaucratic educational whack a mole is exhausting. Every time you think you’ve seen the last of those who have failed on a local level, they pop back up somewhere else! And for a higher salary and with reign and responsibility over more innocent children.


This total disregard for the will and word of the people is an outrage.


The current running bet is that the first thing John King does in his new position to tamper the refusal movement, is to claim opt outs and the fight against common core are racist. He’s done this twice before.

What do you know about King? Do yourself a favor and find out.
He’s not just a USDOE puppet common core cheerleader, he also managed to gain a vote of no confidence in New York.

Here is his dissertation

And lots more obnoxious stuff below.

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