Follow the money.


Has someone said that corporations and profit has always been a part of public education? Have they attempted to justify the paid fellows who have been quietly accepting blood money to loudly push common core?
We are seeing a lot of that of late. A select few teachers are accepting a fat paycheck as part of their fellowship position, to promote common core. Whenever before have any educators been paid off to publish articles and give speeches to justify an abusive curriculum?

Parents have a right and a duty to expose those who are touting the alleged benefits of common core under false pretenses. It is dishonest and disloyal. It is unfair. Parents do not accept, nor are they offered, a red cent to defend the right to a fair and appropriate education for their children. The average teacher gets no pay off to stand strong against this educational experiment that has damaged their careers and their students.

Here’s the list of who is pushing common core for money. Book mark it.

We must scream from the rooftops of the dangers of common core. We do it for free. We are right to expose those who are taking pay offs to play up this disaster.

Money is involved in a tangled web of ways.
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