Appr for restaurants?

This is interesting. Many United States restaurant chains have just adopted APPR.

Numerous already successful chains have recently changed their normal methods, and have instead implemented a new grading system for their waitstaff. Olive Garden waitresses have to contend with the new rating system which is based on what their customers order, and how much tip they receive. The waiters can “fail” their “ziosk score” based on often random customer behavior, and subsequently be written up.

A Denny’s chain staff member reports that their waiters are now even responsible for a percentage of drinks, appetizers, and desserts ordered. When someone orders water instead of an expensive soda, the waitstaff are penalized.

This new system was started a few months back and the formerly best servers are now often at the bottom.

One employee writes:

“What ever happened to doing your job properly and keeping it? Our customer reviews are GREAT, it’s the score ratings, that the company is concerned with though, regardless of how many positive comments we receive! I have not received one negative comment about me personally, but because the survey asks questions about OVERALL satisfaction with the resturant, it gets factored into our scores. Sorry foodservers, your customers all say you are wonderful, but survey says your scores are under 80% so you’re getting written up for poor job performance. Welcome to the new world.”

Now, waitstaff can also lose their jobs over survey scores. One week they may get 100% for knowledge, the next week 50% for the same set of questions. Diners may simply decide to fill in all “1’s”‘on the customer satisfaction survey, or give them to their children to color on. They’re still counted against them.

She adds:

“The people filling out the surveys don’t realize what these really mean. AND, if no one fills them out in one shift, it counts as 0%! So the other day, I had to take my 30 minute break. One of my tables was not happy with my relief server. The written review stated it was not me they had an issue with, it was the other waitress. My scores for that day were 75%. So, all corporate sees are the below 80% scores…too bad for me my score was based on someone else.”

Another hardworking waitress reports:

“I have NEVER been written up for performance issues. EVER, until this current job. I hate stressing EVERY shift, and ASKING my customers to please fill out the survey, because it is my report card. They still don’t realize, if they give us anything under a 5, it screws our overall scores up.”

Does this make you feel outraged? Guess what? This is the same convoluted accountability teachers are also dealing with right now. Thanks to the Olive Garden, Denny’s, and other chains for following the new “accountability” mentality, hardworking, minimally paid average Americans are belittled and penalized. What is wrong with our culture when we hold hard working adults responsible for the actions of others, which are clearly beyond their control?

For many of the same reasons we fight common core, we would never again give a dime to your restaurants.