Profiteers making crazy profits deny the truth.


Gates is whining again.

“Gates said he did not expect the national pushback against Common Core. He also admitted that Americans have come to associate Common Core with dramatic increases in standardized testing, a federal annexation of local education decision-making and bizarre teaching methods. (RELATED: Obama Math: Under New Common Core, 3 x 4 = 11)

Going forward, the Microsoft mogul said, he and education policymakers must work to ensure that teachers embrace the systems and the data that will be used to evaluate them.

He said he continues to support standardized testing as a major component of teacher and student assessment…”

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He never expected the American people to have an opinion or minds of their own. We have shocked him. We are not the pawns and human capital he imagined.

He talks an awful lot.

The populace has spoken, loudly. He mocks but he does not listen. His method of dealing with those who stand in his way is fingers in the ears, full steam ahead, USDOE style.

Here’s a brief compilation of facts on how Gates is profiting from common core. Please read through them all.

And that’s just Gates. Cannot forget the others.