Tired of pro common core spoutings by authors on the payroll? So are we. Part 5.


Politico is at it again. Paid agenda at work.

Kevin Glynn writes:

“The children in this school are on iPads 75% of the day. The teacher is paid to promote Common Core. The teacher also makes the claim these standards are helping the students to become college and career ready- without a shred of evidence. The teacher also makes the bizarre claim, “Common Core has third-graders read more non-fiction and write about what they read, as opposed to writing their own stories.” Sorry, but narrative writing is (and should be) a part of the Common Core. And I truly enjoyed reading the statement about mental math, “instills important problem-solving and collaboration skills early in their education.” A statement not supported by Common Core standards because at no point in Common Core are students ever tasked with memorizing subtraction facts.

I could go on, but if these paid shills continue to pop up, they should not be surprised if their paid for rhetoric is met with fact based resistance.
We can no longer sit back and be bobble head dolls while colleagues make bizarre claims to promote secret sauce that not only tastes bad, but might very well be bad for children and simply does not work.”



Folks who dared call this funded cheerleader out on social media were accused of teacher bashing. It is a NOT BASHING an entire profession, when honest, hardworking, UNPAID New Yorkers expose the money trail. Falsely pushing what’s harmful to students and other teachers is the real form of education bashing.

Michele Myers Trageser adds:

“Let them say we are teacher bashing. Calling out these shills isn’t teacher bashing. Teachers know the deal. Everyone is entitled to the or opinion. Do some think cc is good? Sure. , maybe. But teachers like this who get paid to spread this crap — who take everything good that was happening in schools BEFORE cc and make it seem like those things are only happening now because of cc; who ignore the inappropriateness ; who stick to the script of “college and career readiness”, “delving deeper” , “thinking critically” , while writing opt eds and speaking at conferences —–need to be called out.

And parents in the districts where these teachers work need to understand that it is not an indictment of the things they love about their district —- but they need to know what is going on in their district in regards to common core. What they choose to do with that info is their decision. HOWEVER since these teachers are putting themselves out there in support of common core —-as educators— everyone needs to know that they are being paid to do.”

More on iPad use:


Politico needs to get real.


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