Fairtest: Weekly Report on Resistance to Inappropriate Testing

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U.S. Senators and Representatives return to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC this week after their early fall recess. High on the Congressional agenda, along with funding federal programs and leadership fights, are the final steps to overhaul the discredited “No Child Left Behind” law. Make sure your elected officials know that you want real assessment reform, not more failed policies. Meanwhile, the testing resistance movement continues to raise issues and win victories in many states across the nation.

National Tell Congress: End Federal Test-and-Punish Policies Now
National Time to Move On From Evaluating Teachers by Student Test Scores
National U.S. Schools Would Benefit From Less Testing, More Equitable Funding

California Incorporating Social and Emotional Learning Into School Accountability

Florida Teachers Raise Concerns About Flawed State Assessment System
Florida League of Women Voters Says “Time to Focus on Teaching, Not Testing”

Idaho Rethinking High-Stakes Testing

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