The Smart Bond is paying for testing.


While parents and teachers fight excessive standardized testing, the economic rulers of our school system are pouring nauseating amounts of money into furthering their abusive, broken agenda.

For your information, here is are some very clear messages showing where the money is going from the “Smart Bond”, which was voted in to existence last year, despite the numerous unheeded warnings that it would be used to further the testing agenda. When is the right time to say, “We told you so”?

Is this the debt you wanted your grandchildren to be paying for the next 30 years?

As predicted, here are more ridiculous, unfunded mandates that we must somehow pay for, to accommodate testing.

Now we as tax payers and citizens, and our children and their children, are paying for furthering testing. Yet we are refusing testing. It’s truly mind boggling.

And from last year:


This piece says it all.,_Proposal_3_(2014)

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Additional contributions from Anna Shah, Hudson Valley Alliance for Public Education, SOTHVNY.