Nysed and Elia have not fooled us with their survey.


A survey has popped up.
Another dog and pony show.


“Rather than send any comments to NYSED for their dog and pony show Common Core review, best to send comments to your state legislators instead and tell them you will hold them PERSONALLY accountable for the mess that is education policy in New York State and will look to vote them out office at the very next opportunity.”


Another act in Nysed’s circus show, designed to shut up the parents and teachers of this state, has begun. Enter an excessively long, poorly thought out survey, designed to skew results. When people give up completing this ridiculous survey, Elia will capitalize on that, using the opportunity to falsely justify her stance that everyone is happy about common core.


Anthony Salerno shares his comments and letter,

“So I started taking the survey earlier than planned. And then I wrote this letter to the author of the Newsday article.

‘As a parent who is extremely concerned about the atrocious state of education because of Common Core, I looked forward to taking the survey you wrote about in today’s Newsdsy. I even shared the information across a few groups on Facebook that I belong to.

And then reality set in. The survey is as convoluted as Common Core is, with respondents having to work their way through a maze of questions, and face multiple choice answers that are very similar (just like state testing). It is sure to stop parents in their track where they won’t proceed.

I strongly suggest a follow up by Newsday on this survey, because I’m sure the CC powers that be will see so few completed surveys that they will say parents had their chance but did not respond, so things must be okay. And nothing could be further from the truth.’

The reporter’s email address is john.hildebrand@newsday.com

Feel free to copy and paste my letter, and edit too, if you want to follow up.”

Some more comments:

“I started and stopped after 5 minutes. A person would need to be totally familiar with every standard and the curriculum used in a school to be able to complete this survey. This is another slap in the face to the parents, because they will not be able to answer the questions.” -Lorri G.

“This survey is set up horribly and only asks questions about each SPECIFIC standard, and takes over half hour to complete. The important thing to point out to the media is that the standards are copywritten and cannot be changed. Just another false move on NYSED’s part to make it seem like they are listening. Smoke and mirrors.” -anonymous New York parent.

“It’s horrible!!! It is so drawn out and confusing. Just like Common Core. It would take hours to literally answer each question for each grade level for each course and section of each module. They set this up to fail just like common core. They figure no one will take the time to fill it out so it will look like every thing is fine and dandy.” – Monique Armann

“Yet this is open to all, but “all” are having a difficult time navigating the specific and individual standards within the survey. Heck, teachers have a difficult time with them and we have to deal with them on a daily basis in the classroom. Elia, is more or less laying down the gauntlet. “Here’s your chance, teachers. You said the Common Core State Standards are narrow, inappropriate, misguided, ineffective, imposed, relentless, demoralizing, overly complex, nontransparent, inadequate, and unreliable (I may have left out one or two). You may address the standards, individually, in your free time, but beware, if you stray from addressing the standard in any way, we’ll reject it out of hand. Also, did we mention your cookies must be in order on your device? I know we said you can come back to your information, but…well, no. Oh, and you can’t change your mind once you’ve submitted anything. No, why would we let you do that? Really, teachers, we don’t expect you to do this. We’ve made it very difficult for everyone. But, in the end, we will be able to shrug our shoulders and say, we gave NY a chance to respond. Argue that.”
-Kristin S.

Parents claimed it was convoluted, confusing, and that the website kicked them off between questions. This was designed to keep our voices down.

Why do they repeatedly double down on the absurdity?

Please read here for some explanations.


They will stop at nothing to justify their state sanctioned child abusive agenda. Shame on these people.

Education activist Anna Shah of SOTHVNY and Hudson Valley Alliance for Public Education writes:

“I wish I had good news, but I’m skeptical about the survey. The survey seems to have been developed, in my opinion, to be cumbersome and burdensome… I don’t believe you can go back and I believe that if you do not complete the survey in one sitting then you are out of luck, and have to start over from scratch.

Frankly, I have serious concerns about the survey because beyond the substance of the questions and its format, the survey appears to require parents to comment on each specific standard. Given the fact that many parents are not educators, I’m not sure that this is a fair question to ask of the “public” at large. How many parents are incredibly familiar with common core standards and the impact they are having on our students? I’m sure parents are probably not as familiar or knowledgeable about each and every standard and corresponding sequence that follows, so the set up of the survey seems to expressly disqualify the average parent from participating at the outset.

More troubling, it explains that information or comments that do not directly relate to a standard will be disregarded. So, for example, generalizations about how the cc curriculum is developmentally inappropriate and is adversely affecting students and children, which the average parent absolutely and positively has legitimate experience with, is likely to be summarily dismissed.

Also of importance, the fact that the survey privacy disclaimer explains that if you choose to complete the survey and submit a response to be considered by the committee, then you are consenting to allowing nysed to data mine your Info and collect information beyond normal procedure- for example nysed specifically explains that they will be tracking your IP AND web use both before and after you take the survey, and collecting information about the sites that you have visited before, after, and during the survey. I have some ideas about why they’re doing this.


Regardless, this is definitely more incentive to urge families to refuse the test, and gives me great concern SED is being less than genuine in putting the survey forward to the public.”

She adds:
“HVA called the Govs CC Commission a farce weeks ago. http://dianeravitch.net/2015/09/29/hudson-valley-parents-cuomos-commission-is-a-farce/

Indeed, Commissioner Elia freely admits standards review committee formed by Gov Cuomo is a FARCE because NYSED and the Regents have NO plans to revamp cc!

That said, Cuomo has made clear that they will only listen to critiques of the CC standards and assume nobody could possibly find fault. So, it’s important to bring these faults to their attention, as Nicholas Tampio aptly explains here: http://www.lohud.com/story/opinion/contributors/2015/10/20/view-fix-common-core/74231974/. ”


The worst part is, they “remain committed” to this poison. They don’t plan to change much at all.

STATE ED: NO ‘MAJOR RE-WORK’ PLANNED FOR COMMON CORE—POLITICO New York’s Keshia Clukey: “The state Education Department is soliciting comment on the Common Core learning standards, but it’s ‘not undertaking a major re-work of the standards,’ it said on the website for its survey. The department launched its 40-day comment period Wednesday with a survey, dubbed AIMHighNY, available to parents, student, educators and community members…‘[State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia] has consistently said it’s too soon to know what will be changed exactly, but we owe it to our students to maintain our commitment to high standards,’ Education Department spokeswoman Jeanne Beattie said in an email. ‘And she believes our review will lead to a stronger set of standards for students…We are not starting from scratch..Over the past five years, New York teachers have made great strides implementing the more rigorous learning standards in their classroom. We owe it to them and to our students to build upon what’s working and revise what’s not.’”



These career politicians need to read what’s already been written on these garbage standards.






Please take this survey here.