Parents speak truth to power, despite paid shills and rhetoric.

When does the public get to weigh in on the common core panels being stacked by paid shills? Apparently, this is somehow legal. Morally unethical, but not against the law. Parents and teachers are talking time out of their days and away from their jobs and families all over New York State to attend these meetings for FREE, to speak against the harm common core is causing for our children. Yet, these meetings have been infiltrated by a select few paid shills, on the payroll to defend common core. And they do not announce their affiliations, nor who lines their wallets. Shame on them.



Parents in Long Island (and all over New York) are AWARE. And they fight back.

A line of parents whose voices shook while they described tales of their children’s suffering took numbers and waited to speak at the forum. One by one they fought their fear of public speaking to stand up for what they believe is the biggest issue of our generation: the corporate and federal take over of our children’s curriculum. They were NOT compensated and will never be paid a single dime to speak against common core.

Not so those who receive a hefty check to promote this educationally unsound, cognitively abusive agenda.


Jacqueline Lyon saw the picture (for which the reporter left much out of the summation) and said:

“We were spread out across the room and ALL stood up and turned our backs…now that would have been a great photo…but still happy they recognized this…we will turn our backs on anyone who disrespects our children.”

Patricia Villella, Yolanda Marie Thompson, Christine Tamke Barbara, Christina Matthew, Tiffany Zenner Reeder, and Darlene Mercurio were among many who stood with their backs to the paid shills.

Christine Tamke Barbara explains how turning their backs was not premeditated.

“He started out by asking us not to interrupt and to respect him. We did just that. I, for one, stood up because I could NOT look at him while he spewed nonsense. I couldn’t respectfully sit silent. So I stood up with my back to him, the message on my shirt simply said “STOP Common Core”, and since we weren’t allowed signs, it truly worked out so perfectly. We literally took a stand.”

The parents in this uphill battle, dodging every curve ball Nysed throws at them, are fierce and furious. Threats, “TOOL kits”, receivership, it all flies at us, and still we stand strong and insist that no amount of money would be enough for US to allow the ruination of our children.

We are not going to be swayed by a TOOL kit. Nor will we be silenced by those paid to promote educational treason.

Plattsburgh parent Kristy Bezrutczyk, who said she has to go on the Internet to help her 9-year-old with homework, likened the current Common Core curriculum to a defective product. “If we had a batch of contaminated food, would we still be serving that to our children?” she asked. “We’re continuing to poison our children every day.”

Educator Denis Ian responds to the task force here:

“I’d love to think that these listening representatives will trot home and deliver the messages they’ve heard … but few dare to tell their master of the bad news. And their bad news is this: by the thousands … parents and teachers want this hoax-reform gone. NOT FIXED … GONE.

How many testimonials does it take to get the message? This is round two of these traveling listening tours … the same remarks were made two years ago … and guess what happened? Zip. Nada. Zilch.

This reform isn’t just ineffective … it is school destroying and, more important, child punishing. This is a reform concocted by theorists who have an allergy to real classrooms and actual live children. They’ve rattled their empty heads to come up with this nirvana-reform that hasn’t a chance in hell of being effective in the real world of education.

It is a mess. A real mess.

It is also tearing apart faculties and sabotaging very fine schools. It is an inappropriate reform that doesn’t honor age and ability … and attempts to cleanse the classroom of the very things that make school a rich and rewarding destination for children.

Thousands of kids have come to loathe school … and homework hell … devised by these know-nothing reforrmers … is tearing homelife apart every single day. Since when is it good educational practice to assign homework that even college educated parents cannot help with because it is so convoluted? That is nonsense to the max … and it has to stop.

So, add these remarks to the remarks this task farce (spelling intended) will probably ignore … and then prepare to with-hold your children from their testing farce in the sprind. Refusals seem to be the only language they understand.”

Below are links to read and hear some of these “task farce” (sic) sessions. Be prepared to be amazed at what parents and honorable teachers have to say about the suffering of innocent children and the systematic destruction of the American public school system.


Briana Bays stated:
“The bottom line is the Common Core is the problem,” she told two of the 15 members on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new Common Core task force at a public hearing late Friday afternoon. “It is not an implementation problem. Reduced testing time is not sufficient change. Parents want to see real change. We want Common Core removed from schools.”
See her video on YouTube here:

Further in the article-
“My fifth-grader has two periods of math every day,” said Clarisse Banks, a mother of two. “But she only gets science every other day, and social studies every other day if they have time. That makes absolutely no sense.”

School officials spoke of students who are confused about the purpose, use and impact of the English language arts and math tests administered under Common Core. Some are terrified to take them, for fear a bad score will get their teacher fired, while others don’t see the point in taking them.

“These kids see no relevance to these tests they now have to take,” said Stacey Caruso-Sharpe, a math teacher in the Amsterdam City School District, where she’s worked for more than 30 years. “The governor says they don’t mean anything yet, and then you want to tie them to a teachers’ score? It doesn’t make sense.”

Footage below:
Cofounders of Stop common core in New York State:

Also from Stop common core in New York State:

This lovely young lady is just 15 years old. Her bravery is palpable.

Parents speak:

Two superintendents speak;

A parent speaks on special needs and common core.

Loudonville, NY

Some wonderful teachers speak;