Decoupling of evaluations is no friend of ours.



DECOUPLING OF TEACHER EVALUATIONS FROM HIGH STAKES TESTING due to the latest smokescreen with the approval of NYSUT is No Victory for students and families. Tests will be embedded in every day online curriculum under the newest incarnation of common core known as Competency Based Learning. Parents will not be able to see the tests and won’t even know when they are, as they will be ongoing in daily activities when children sit on their iPads.

Competency based learning will be weekly embedded testing that parents cannot see or refuse, we have won nothing.

Via Rema Tomka, from Rema’s Common Core Collection,

“This is textbook from the ed reform push right now to state that the tests are the problems, and not the Common Core standards. The PARCC has three purposes: 1) Data collection, which is no longer needed now that 1:1 technology is in-place. States can get as much data as they want from “stealth assessments” engrained in the software that the students run all day on their Chromebooks and iPads; 2) to drive curriculum, which is no longer needed now that the SAT and AP courses have both been aligned to Common Core via David Coleman – use of AP or SAT also ensures that Common Core must be adhered to and; 3) school rankings and teacher evaluations, which can logically be linked to any test, although consortium tests are particularly adept at failing students in public schools and prepping for “failing” status and charter takeover via the manipulated cut scores. So the current standardized tests can easily be abandoned at no loss to the State Department of Ed. The current rhetoric that the problem is that the current tests are bad tests, while ignoring that Common Core, competency-based education, and data-drive instruction is a bad system, is designed simply to throw a bone to the public so that they can feel victorious when testing is abandoned. Meanwhile, the public gets caught up in the testing fight and they stop fighting to get rid of Common Core. I’m not convinced that the current testing “Crisis” wasn’t designed to be especially bad simply so it could be used as a red herring to throw the public off the real problem – Common Core, workforce development, and the privatizing of public schools by corporations via charters. ”

A Hudson valley parent activist contributes:

“This is a smokescreen distraction designed to get teachers out of the refusal movement. The powers that be are quietly ushering in the next generation of common core profits under the guise of online learning and every day digital exams. It is meaningless to untie a test when the tests will be embedded in every day class work. The common core doesn’t end just because the teacher evals end. The New York Times reporter who says that parents first concern was to end teacher evals is full of it. Our first concern is the abusive curriculum. And that’s only going to get worse when competency based learning is fully implemented because then parents won’t even know when their kids are tested. It will also get worse for teachers who will be glorified proctors and tech assistants.”

We have won nothing. Tests will be weekly maybe even daily, under competency based learning. They’ll be embedded and online. Virtual learning will be the new norm and marketed as relief from the obsessive test culture. Relief from the exact situation the deformers have caused may be more harmful than the mess they’ve already dumped upon us. We must insist this is not the replacement of too lengthy tests. Weekly EMBEDDED ONLINE assessments are UNACCEPTABLE.”

We will be painted as technophobes for resisting. Our cries of concern for student privacy will also be poo pooed.
When our kids are on tech all day “learning”, what or whom do you think will protect their data?

Please see this not as a victory, but a ruse to quiet the masses of backlash. That is all it is. You must let your legislators know that for the very same reasons you do not accept the culture of standardized tests Common core has brought with it, you also will not accept online education. Teachers, with masters degrees, will be obsolete when all that is needed in the classroom is tech support and proctors. Parents will no longer see anything their child is learning, which with common core’s annihilation of text books, has already begun. The use of hands on classroom materials and human interaction will be lost when students sit on a tablet all day every day. Do you want more for your children? We sure do.