Why Lunch and Recess Matters

Seattle Education

This post was written by a parent with two students in the Seattle Public School system:


Turns out the personal really is political – at least for me. Two seemingly small, unrelated changes at my child’s school had a huge impact on my family, making me a believer in the importance of lunch and recess.

First, our school went from two cafeteria workers to one. This change resulted in my child  spending most of lunch standing in line waiting to be served. Once lunch was in hand, there wasn’t enough time to eat before it was time to clean up and go outside for recess.

Second, my child began to miss recess on a semi-regular basis. Some days it was because math had run long. Other days, recess was missed in order to finish incomplete nightly math homework. (Homework could be a subject of a whole other blog post.)


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