Peter Greene on Defenders of the Common Core

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This is a golden oldie from Peter Greene that remains relevant today. Actually, it is only a year old. In this post, Peter takes apart an article by Charles Upton Sahm (yes, the same person who wrote a glowing article about Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy charter chain).

Peter takes apart the standard reformer narrative: the Common Core was written by experts (not); the tests are more rigorous, which is a good thing (not); the Common Core was handicapped by Obama’s support for it.

“These days The Test never leaves the house without “more difficult” by its side. The implication is always that these new tests are more difficult, more challenging and that’s why they bother people. “More difficult” is a useful weasel phrase because everybody assumes that it’s a legitimate “more difficult.” It’s more difficult to go into the boxing ring against an opponent who’s bigger and stronger than…

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