Fortune: Proof That Business Leaders Know Nothing about Public Education

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While I was supposedly taking a break from blogging, the biggest story of the Christmas break appeared in Fortune and reverberated in blogs and on Twitter. It demonstrates how little business leaders know about public education and why they should spend their time creating jobs in this country and sticking to what they know.

The Fortune article is a fascinating account that begins with a dinner in 2014 between Bill Gates and Charles Koch of the infamous Koch brothers. Gates thought he could persuade Koch to drop his opposition to the Common Core standards. Koch was not interested. He told Bill to call someone in his office. Fail! Only a billionaire could tell off another billionaire like that.

The article shows something that it doesn’t mean to show. Businessmen know nothing about education. Neither does the writer. The article repeats every well-worn cliché about our “failing” schools and about how…

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